1.pngWilliam Joliffe

The Joliffe family came from Staffordshire and made their money in the 18th century in industry and finance. Looking to increase their influence in Parliament they bought the manor of Petersfield, and with that, the right to send two MPS to the Commons. In 1720 William Joliffe had built Petersfield House, just south of St Peter’s Road, near the present police station. He created a grand garden with ornamental ponds and a clear view down his inherited Home Farm at the Grange (Now the Grange surgery).

To aggrandize the approach to the family home from St Peter’s Road (now New Way), Joliffe left £500 in his will for the erection of a lead statue of William III which was placed in a circus at the entrance to Petersfield House in 1757. He also had a stepped entrance built to the Church – sometimes called Joliffe’s Steps. Nothing is left of Petersfield House, which was demolished in 1793, although the school was built in the old gardens in 1898 and this has been converted into Joliffe Court.